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Please Kill Me!

Nick Yarris, 2018 Name: Nick Yarris Born: 1961 Race: Caucasian State: Pennsylvania  Convicted: 1982 Exonerated: 2003 Sentence: Death Nick had just arrived when Captain Ben Varner walked up to him and stared him right in the eyes while he quietly said: “You are a dead man, everyone you love is dead, and in my prison, […]

Not Worthy of Being a Dad

Name: Damon Thibodeaux Name: Damon Thibodeaux Born: 1974 Race: Caucasian State: Louisiana Convicted: 1997 Exonerated: 2012  Sentence: Death Damon felt happy. He finally had some money after drifting for years and he was eager to spend some of it to be with what he cherished the most, family. After cashing his first work check, he […]

They Killed My Mom

Name: Derrick Jamison Name: Derrick Jamison Born: 1961 Race: Black State: Ohio Convicted: 1985 Exonerated: 2005  Sentence: Death The silence on death row was deadly. The inmates could almost hear tears fall to the ground as they sadly awaited the inevitable. Waiting felt like eternity. Yet time passed too quickly when determined footsteps broke the […]

A Kiss Goodbye

  Name: Marietta Jaeger Born: 1938 Founder of Journey to Hope and Mother of Susie Jaeger Daughter:  Name: Susie Jaeger Age: 7 Crime: Abducted and murdered Year: 1973 State: Montana A cool breeze awoke Heidi. Confused, she looked around and realized that the cold came from a big hole cut in the tent. She quickly […]